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Types of Roses

Because there are so many different varieties of roses to choose from, we have split them into 5 broad categories to make it easier for you.

Just click on the categories below and you'll learn about their different characteristics and uses.

Bush Rose Patio Rose Shrub Rose Cover Rose Climber Rose
Bush roses Patio roses Shrub roses Ground cover Climbers


Standard Roses

We grow a wide range of standard roses to add height to your garden. The most popular are the bush roses grown on a 3ft 3in stem (£26.95). We also grow weeping standards (ramblers on a 5 ft stem for £27.95), shrub standards (shrub roses on a 3ft 3in stem for £27.95) and small patio roses, which are just 2 ft high for £24.95.

These standard roses are available from our garden centre or they can be despatched by carrier to addresses in the UK mainland, excluding the Highlands, for £12.95 per address. Drop us a line or give us a call if you would like further information.


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