Shrub Roses

There are lots of different forms of roses in this category. The thing that links them all is that they grow into bushy, less formal plants.

They have a huge range of flower shapes, including the large old fashioned ones.

Some have great hips and many have very sweet scents.

Some can get very big (over 6ft) and some stay small and compact. We have split our shrub roses into three size bands:

Small – up to 3ft (90cm)
Medium – 3-6 ft (90-180cm)
Large – over 6ft (180cm+)

You normally grow these in amongst shrubs and other plants or as single specimens on their own. Treat them just like a summer flowering shrub.

Some only have a short flowering period (May – July) whilst others will flower through to the autumn.

To look at all of our shrub roses, go to “Growing in shrub borders” section of Uses for Roses.

To help choose a shrub rose in the colour and size that you want, go to Choosing your roses. Click on “Shrub” and then choose the colour and size you want.

Each variety has its spread listed. This is how much room you will need to give them in the bed.

To learn how to prune shrub roses, click here.