Rosebuddies: Why should you prune? When should you prune? What equipment do you need? How do you cut a shoot? How low do you cut and what shoots? What do I do after pruning? We answer all these questions and give detail information on how to prune different types of roses: bush roses, patio roses, shrub roses, climbing roses, ground cover roses.



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The Basic Rules of Pruning Roses

Why should you prune roses?

There are two reasons for pruning roses:

  • To take out old and diseased wood and encourage new flowering shoots to grow.
  • To keep the plant in a good shape with an open centre that lets in light and air.

When should you prune roses?

Prune when the plants are dormant. In mild areas you can prune in the autumn (November), but if your garden gets frosty and cold in the winter then prune in the spring (March/April) when it's a bit warmer.

What equipment do you need?

A strong pair of gloves, some sharp secateurs and sometimes a small pruning saw. You will also need some garden twine for your climbers.

How do you cut a shoot?

It's important that you cut a shoot properly. Here are the rules:

1. Always cut just above a bud. You can tell a bud on a stem. If you look on the stem you will see some lines where the leaf was joined to it. Just above the line you will see a little nobble. This is the bud which will grow into a new shoot.

2. Choose a bud that is facing outwards. This bud will grow into a shoot, so you want one that's going to grow out, not into the centre of the plant.

3. Cut at a slant, not straight across. By doing this any rain will run away from the bud, rather than drown it.

4. Make a clean cut, about 1/4 inch above the bud.

Before pruningAfter pruning

What shoots do you cut out, and how low?

This varies depending on the type of rose you are pruning. Click on the buttons below to find out more.

However, there are some shoots that should always be cut out right at the start:

  • any shoot that's dead
  • any shoot that's weak and spindly
  • any shoot that's old and gnarled
  • any shoot that's growing into the middle of the bush, making it crowded
  • any shoot that's rubbing against another

What do I do after pruning?

Once you have pruned your roses, give them a good feed. Click here for more details.

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