Pruning roses and care

Your roses will be fit, healthy and full of flower if you prune them properly and make sure they are well fed and watered.

Pruning roses

Roses always perform better if they are pruned each year. The problem is that most of us don’t really know where to start and we’re frightened about doing some damage to them.

But it’s not really as difficult as you think. If you keep in mind why it is that you are pruning, stick to a few basic rules about how to prune, and understand the difference between different types of roses, it all becomes much easier.

To find out more, first click on the “Basic Rules” button. Once you have understood that bit, click on the button for your particular rose type to learn exactly how to prune your rose.

Feeding and watering roses

Roses that are well fed not only give you better flowers and growth, they are also more able to resist diseases.

You should give your roses a good feed in the spring once they have been pruned and again in the summer after their first flowering.

Click on the Feeding button below to find out more.

Removing suckers

Occasionally roses throw up new shoots from the base that don’t look anything like the other shoots. These are suckers and they will damage your plants. Click on suckers below to see how to recognise and deal with them.