Planting roses


Prepare your rose

  • If you are not ready to plant your rose when it arrives, just dig a hole and cover the roots with soil to keep them moist until you are ready.

Prepare the ground

  • Break-up a patch of soil about 18″ (45cm) square and 18″ (45cm) deep.
  • Scoop out a hole big enough to take the roots comfortably.
  • Put a spadeful of peat or compost in the hole and mix it well with the soil. Then scoop out the hole again.
  • Take a small handful of bonemeal and mix it with the soil at the bottom of the hole.

Planting rose

  • Place the rose in the hole. The union (where the shoots join the root) should be at soil level – it should not stand above it.
  • Fill the hole with soil and press it firmly down.
  • Water well.


Important – don’t plant roses when the ground is wet or frosty Or use ‘Rootgrow’ a soil mychorrhizal fungi at the time of planting

Important – never plant a rose in old rose soil – replace the soil (18” x 18”/45cm x 45 cm) with fresh soil.

In the spring you will need to prune and feed your new roses.