Ground Cover Roses

Ground cover roses have become increasingly popular in recent years.

They are excellent for spreading over the ground, tumbling over walls or even cascading over the side of tubs.

Some of them are very low and ground hugging. Others arch up to 2 or 3 feet and then spread along the ground. Check on each variety’s individual profile to see how they grow.

We have split our ground cover roses into three size bands:

Small – up to 2ft spread (60cm)
Medium – 2-5 ft spread (60-150cm)
Large – over 5ft spread (150cm+)

To look at all of our ground cover roses, go to “Ground covering” section of Uses for Roses.

To help choose a ground cover rose in the colour and size that you want go to Choosing your roses. Click on “Ground cover” and then choose the colour and size you want.

Each variety has its spread listed. This is how much room you will need to give them in the bed.

To learn how to prune ground cover roses, click here.