Rosebuddies: If you feed your roses properly you will get much better growth and flowers. Read further to find when is the best time for feeding your roses, when mulching and watering and how to use rose food such as TopRose, Foliar-Feed, Phostrogen and Tomato Feed



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Feeding your roses


If you feed your roses properly you will get much better growth and flowers. And a well fed rose is more able to resist diseases.


After pruning in the spring (Feb-March) and again immediately after flowering (end of June).


It's easiest just to use a special rose food, such as TopRose.


For spectacular results, spray every fortnight when your rose is in leaf with a Foliar-Feed, such as Phostrogen or a Tomato Feed. All container grown roses will need this additional feed to thrive. Remember, never spray plants when the sun is shining strongly - wait until the evening otherwise the sun will burn the leaves.


Roses' feeding roots are close to the surface, so they can dry out in the summer. That's why it helps to put a 3-4in layer of well rotted compost or manure around the base of your roses during the growing period to keep them moist.


If you want your roses to be healthy, don't let them dry out, especially if they are newly planted or next to a wall where they don't get much rain. Don't water when the sun is shining brightly otherwise you might burn the leaves. Soak well, do not just spray the surface.


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