Including new Patio Climbers – neat, compact and flower from top to bottom

Including new Patio Climbers – neat, compact and flower from top to bottom

These are roses for growing on walls, fences, arches, pergolas and trees.

We have included climbers and ramblers under this section.

They have a whole range of flowers – some large and formal, others in great clusters of small blooms.

They have different flowing periods. Some flower only in the early summer, but others have a second flush to give you colour right through the autumn. Check on each variety’s profile to see their flowering period. If you do choose a summer flowing variety, try planting a late-flowering clematis with it to give you even more colour.

We have split our climbing roses into three size bands:

Small – up to 10ft (300cm)
Medium – 10-15 ft (300-450cm)
Large – over 15ft (450cm +)

The key to growing climbers successfully is to encourage the growth of side shoots that will give you more flowers. The way to do this is to train the main shoots horizontally because this will encourage side shoots to grow. Don’t let these shoots go straight-up. So, if you are growing them on a wall or fence, train the main shoots horizontally, like a ladder. If you are growing one up an arch, twist the shoots back and forth to give you lots of horizontal growth.

To look at all our climbing roses, go to “Growing on walls, fences or arches”, “Growing on pergolas” and “Growing through trees” sections of Uses for Roses.

To help choose a climbing rose in the colour and size that you want, go to Choosing your roses. Click on “climbing” and then choose the colour and size you want.

Each variety has its spread listed. This is how much room you will need to plant them apart.

To learn how to prune climbing roses, click here.